Âgé 2019

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The De Rosa Âgé is a fillet brazed steel frame with a modern geometry and a sleek and seamless aesthetic. The De Rosa Âgé is made by the finest frame-builders schooled in the art of fillet-brazing. It pays homage to the past where builders dedicated themselves with artistic and technical passion to create a sculpted masterpiece. The Âgé is at once sleek, modern and lightweight but with the prized vintage aesthetic of beautiful, compounding metals.

This frame is inspired by “fillet brazing” techniques that were popular in the 70s and 80s because they allowed frame builders to create lightweight, durable, lugless frames. A special brass and silver based alloy allows brazing to be down at significantly lower temperatures that do not distort the welding area, ensuring an increased durability and performance over time. 

Fillet brazing allows for the creation of a steel frame without visible welded joints. The sections of the tubing at the welds are connected in a uniform and continuous manner resulting in a single body. This distinction attracts the romantic cyclist, the cyclist who loves the timelessness of steel frames with sleeker, more modern aesthetics.

Like all De Rosa steel frames all that is required is one look and the cyclist’s heart is captured in perpetuity. In that single glance the eye is rewarded with harmony of a homogeneous silhouette. 

De Rosa offers complete custom paint jobs on all frames. Contact us for more information.

Warranty: 2 year official factory warranty.

Lead time: 8-10 Weeks

* Groupsets and wheelsets used on frames will vary compared to product images.

Handlebars: FSA Energy

Stem: FSA SL-K

Saddle: Selle Italia SLR

Pedals: Look Keo Max

Tyres: Vittoria Corsa 

Bottlecage: Elite Carbon

Weight: Frame 1850 grams, Fork 660 grams

Age Geometry

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